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Building Lives & Communities

All too often services and groups are arranged according to age, gender, or socio backgrounds. That's not the case at Holiness To The Lord Ministries. We encourage people to come and enjoy the mixture of services and nontraditional groups. HTTL believes every person has purpose and we must aid, assist, encourage, support and initiate activities that will promote each one's health, welfare and education.


Life Ministries

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Outreach Programs


Watchman On The Wall

Having a good foundation at home and in daily life is extremely important. Holiness To The Lord Ministries, Inc. offers classes, hosts events, and schedules retreats to help individuals and families strengthen their bonds. Helping each and everyone within communities without regard to race, color, creed, gender, age disability, religious preferences, or any other category.

Offering programs of Ministry, Mentoring, Counseling, and Coaching. Letting each individual with a freewill choice have the awareness that comes with knowing the hidden self.  HTTL works to motivate each and everyone to foster a positive view of themselves. Allowing them to face themselves and find acceptance in a complex world.

Our live call service directly speaks to and checks on the sick, shut-in, elderly or anyone needing a loving and caring  phone call. Making sure they are reminded to take medications and to check in making sure they are safe.
If there isn't an answer to the first call, we wait 10 minutes and call again. If there isn't an answer the second time, we will summon emergency help.
Calls can be scheduled daily, weekly, or scheduled for your needs.

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